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As a groundhandling company, Asheville Excavation Pros has completed more than 1,000 acres of land clearance projects in the Western North Carolina region. We offer a complete solution, including land clearing, excavation, grading and demolition for all types of projects. We’re available for all your excavation needs, whether it’s residential, commercial and industrial properties in the Asheville location. Our company is a state licensed general contractor with more than 10 years of experience, specializing in land and land clearing. 

Our experience and skills and our experienced staff are first class and we provide quality service at a reasonable price. We provide a large part of our clearing services to the utility industry and have experience in responsible clearing. Our service to our customers is cost effective and we have been selected for all kinds of projects that require land clearance services. 

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The process of clearing commercial properties in Asheville and the surrounding area sometimes also involves preparing the land for resale. The clearing of land for commercial purposes is straightforward, but the decision to leave trees on the property is usually more difficult than removing trees from around a residential building. Trees can remain on a property as long as it is used as a parking space or as part of a landscaping project, such as a house or a business building. When a commercial property is being built, the terrain must be graded so that water flows in a way that doesn’t create erosion, like into a catch pond. The outer edge of the plot is one step higher, and the area around the collecting pond is lower.

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